Grant History - Founding thru Dec 2021


There are two sources of funds for grants, Endowment and Directed Donations.

The Endowment Fund was begun with $54,000 of contributions from the founding members back in 2003-2004.  In the years since, MP members have made additional contribution with their membership dues for the Endowment of $66,000, for total contributions to the Endowment of $120,000.  Thanks to prudent investment practices over the years, the Endowment has grown to $330,000. The goal of the Foundation is to make annual discretionary grants of up to 5% of the average principal balance of the Endowment Fund to worthy equestrian causes in the area.

Project-Specific Funds/Donor-Directed Funds:  These are funds raised for a specific project, or funds from a donor for a specified cause.  Examples include the projects for the All Weather Trails in Huddart and Wunderlich Parks, hitching rails, and the Bill Lane Fund. We thank the hundreds of individuals and organizations who sent in donations from $25 to $10,000 that helped to make these projects successful. 


CHAPS - Community Horse Advocacy Program for San Mateo County.  The MP Foundation acts as a Fiscal Agent for CHAPS and works closely with them to raise funds to provide riding programs for disabled veterans, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) foster children and SAL (Sheriff's Activity League) disadvantaged  children.  CHAPS also raised funds for improvements to equestrian facilities at Folger Stables in Wunderlich Park.

Since its founding in 2003 thru Dec 2020, the Foundation has made charitable grants, (Endowment/discretionary, donor-directed and CHAPS), to the following:


Grantee Description of Program Endowment Discretionary Donor Directed Total MPF Grants CHAPS Grants
San Mateo County Parks Construct Bypass Trail and All Weather Trails in Huddart and Wunderlich Parks 9,265 138,232 147,497 7,000
San Mateo County Large Animal Evacuaton Group Volunteer group to support evacuation of horses in emergencies 10,000 45,871 55,871
NCEFT Equine facilitated therapy for children and vets 1,200 34,466 35,666
Folger Stable project Rebuild the Folger Stable and Upper Barn 3,945 23,155 27,100 81,871
Woodside Town - Trails Committee Improving trails in the Town of Woodside 5,529 16,413 21,942
Center Trail Bridge - Town of Woodside Support the building of a bridge to open Center Trail after washout 15,000 6,000 21,000 5,000
Towne Creek Bridge Replace bridge over Towne Creek in Pescadero County Park 20,274 20,274
Lane Family Scholarship Scholarship program for young adults 500 13,000 13,500
Veterans Trail Rides Trail Rides for Vets - Wunderlich, Jasper Ridge, Victory Ranch 9,600 3,015 12,615 46,060
Woodside Junior Riders Riding program for children in the area 3,500 8,210 11,710
CASA kids' rides Trail rides for foster children within the Court Appointed Special Advocate program 6,500 4,465 10,965 44,490
STAR Camp -San Mateo County Sheriff Sheriff's Training and Recreation program for children 6,075 4,125 10,200
Equestrian Merit Scholarship $10,000 scholarship for a deserving equestrian and student 10,000 10,000
North Counties' Equestrian Fire Relief Provide feed and supplies for equestrians and facilities affected by the fires in Napa area 6,018 3,000 9,018
Woodside Pony Club Riding program for children in the area 8,500 250 8,750
WHOA! (Day of the Horse) Support Day of the Horse-Annual fundraising ride by WHOA 6,500 500 7,000
Horse Park at Woodside Help maintain and improve the Horse Park at Woodside 1,750 5,000 6,750
Camp Fire Relief Financial support for Camelot Equestrian Park 5,000 1,558 6,558
U.C. Davis Veterinary School Support scientific research on horse health issues 4,500 1,700 6,200
Woodside Town - Horse Statue Support casting and installing the horse statues on Village Hill 1,000 4,505 5,505
San Mateo County 4-H Club Program for young people to learn about the outdoors 5,500 5,500
Jack Brook Horse Camp Improvements at Jack Brook Horse Camp 5,254 5,254
Jasper Ridge Farm Jasper Ridge Farm (Riley's Place) - Riding programs 5,000 5,000
Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks Support of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks trails 4,480 500 4,980
Woodside Town - Hitching Rails Construct and install hitching rails in Woodside Town center 3,327 3,327
San Mateo County Horsemen's Association San Mateo County Horsemen's Association (501c3) 3,300 3,300
CERPP Support the Citizens Emergency Response Program and large animal rescue 2,995 2,995
Chris Kyle 2017 Memorial Memorial for Chris Kyle - Navy Seal hero and equestrian 2,000 2,000
Sweetbeau Horses Saving and training American Wild Mustangs 2,000 2,000
Sheriff's Activity League-SAL Trail Rides for disadvantaged children with the Sheriff's Activity League 1,720 1,720 420
BOK Ranch Therapeutic riding program for children 1,500 1,500
Other Equestrian Projects Horse books for the Library, Donkey project, Mules across America, 1,341 1,341
Napa Skyline Park Support for horse camp and trails at Napa Skyline Park 1,000 1,000
Disabled American Veterans Support for disabled American veterans 1,000 1,000
Kiely Equestrian Center Riding program for children in the area 1,000 1,000
Rainier Therapeutic Riding-Veterans Riding and rehabilitation program for veterans. 1,000 1,000
Square Peg Foundation Riding program for children in the area 1,000 1,000
Pacific Crest Trail Association Support building and maintaining the PCT 1,000 1,000
Tahoe Rim Trail Association Support building and maintaining the TRT 1,000 1,000
Flag Foundation 1,000 1,000
Mid-Pen Open Space (Teague Hill) Support trail maintenance on Teague Hill MROSD 1,000 1,000
Horse Park Polo Field renovation Renovation of the Polo Field at Horse Park 1,000 1,000
Canada 4H-Petting Zoo Support the petting zoo run by the Canada 4H 750 750
Stanford University - Red Barn project Help with rebuilding the Red Barn at Stanford 500 500
Woodside High School Support for local high school programs 500 500
Bay Area Barns & Trails Support BABT for barns and trails 250 250
Woodside Community Foundation Woodside area foundation to recognize community contributions 250 250
USO Coffee Fund United Services Organization for military personnel 25 25
Polly's Bench Memorial bench for Polly, who was loved by many in the community 4,000
Jack Brook Hitching Rails Build and install hitching rails-Jack Brook and Pescadero Creek County Park 3,717
Huddart Park Bridge Rails Repair of bridges and railings in Huddart Park 2,700
Other Directed Grant Other directed grants 24,750 24,750
Totals 149,468 374,595 524,063 195,258



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